The F Project Arts Residence

an independent arts residence in the heart of warrnambool


Awesome kookaburra by Nathan Pye and Jim Sargent that keeps an eye on the entrance

The F Project residence (formerly the artery residence)  is a new and exciting artist-in-residence program, open to emerging and established artists from all over Australia and around the world.

The F Project residence program aims to provide a space for artists to further their art practice in a stimulating, comfortable, creative and supportive environment. We offer residencies of 4 – 6 weeks at the F Project headquarters. The F Project is an established complex of artists’ studios and workshop spaces, as well as a community art gallery, and a thriving shop showcasing works by local artisans – all located in a large historic building in the heart of Warrnambool. This opportunity is open to individuals as well as small groups, and we encourage collaborative groups to apply.

The F Project residence, situated in one of the oldest buildings in town, features a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, sunroom, bathroom and shower room on the ground floor, with four large bedrooms, a bathroom and an additional living room upstairs, all with soaring ceilings and vintage fixtures. It has six beds and sleeps nine, although options are available for parties of ten and over. The bedrooms are all named in ode to Fletcher Jones and his clothing factory, a Warrnambool icon. Thus there is ‘The design room’, ‘The pattern room’, ‘The cutting room’, ‘The sewing room’ and ‘The fitting room’. Also upstairs, there is ‘The garden’ (a bathroom) and ‘The button room’ (an upstairs lounge that also converts into two single beds).

The residence was acquired and freshly repainted in early 2016. As well as the extensive residence, there is a beautiful mature garden for artists to enjoy. Art studios and printing press may also be available by arrangement. These are part of the package.

The regional city of Warrnambool is the hub of the Southwest Coastal Region, whose varied natural landscapes have long inspired artists – from the shipwreck coastline to volcanic Tower Hill and beyond.

The F Project and F Project residence are situated in the heart of central Warrnambool, within walking distance to the beach, train station, Warrnambool Art Gallery and several other galleries, Lighthouse Theatre, Capital Cinema, Southwest TAFE, and an abundance of shops, cafes and restaurants.

Interested in a short stay? Please email us at with your enquiry and the night/s you’d like to stay, and we’ll get back to you soon with availability and rates.